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Our mission at Farteez is simple... customer satisfaction. We want you to know that when you order from Farteez, you are getting super soft premium quality fabrics and prints. We understand that by ordering from Farteez, you are taking a leap of faith with us. You are committing your money upfront for the promise that we deliver you a product that meets or exceeds expectations. I can assure you, every order we receive will be treated as if it were our only order and it will receive the attention to detail required to ensure that you are delivered products you will be satisfied with. We know that in order to build our name and a good reputation, we need to satisfy you, the customer. We are committed to gaining your business, but more importantly... your trust.  

We may be new and you are likely just hearing about us, but we have decades of experience in the decorated apparel industry. We take tremendous pride in our background, the national apparel brands that we've worked on, and the experience we've gained along the way. We will utilize what we've learned while working for others and pour that, along with our passion for decorated apparel, into Farteez. Passion and quality are the driving forces behind Farteez... we love what we do and will work hard for you.


Rick Mendoza | Owner

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